About Seychelles Car Hire

At Seychelles Car Hire, we have only one rule: ALWAYS put the customer first. The proximity we share with our customers is what has allowed us to maintain a high-quality service throughout all these years. Our car hire agency has become a key placer in the Seychelles Car rental industry.

Seychelles Car Hire provides value for money

At Seychelles Car Hire we understand that value for money is what our customers are looking for. To cater for their rental needs, we have adapted our price range to their budget. Whether they are professionals or individuals on vacation with their families, they will benefit from the most competitive rates in the Seychelles and will not encounter any hidden costs. Also, our wide range of cars will cater for each of your needs; whether you are seeking to rent a compact and fuel-economic car or a spacious car to explore the Seychelles with your family.

Throughout our 25 years of existence, innovation has been at the heart of our activity. We continuously strive to provide modern and highly performant vehicles, that are always one step ahead of the competition. 

We have ethics

Our car hire company abide by 3 simple principles: Respect, transparency and honesty. We firmly believe that business is first about nurturing a trustworthy relationship with our clients and business collaborators. It is only by dealing honestly with our customers that we have been able to maintain life-long loyalty from our regular clients, who keep coming back for more of our car hire services.